Benefits Of Using Hand Dryers –

Cost:  Hand dryers are generally cheaper to operate than paper towels because they do not require the constant purchase and replacement of towels.
Sustainability:  Hand dryers use less energy and produce less waste than paper towels. This makes them a more environmentally friendly option.
Hygiene:  Hand dryers do not require physical contact, which can reduce the spread of germs. On the other hand, paper towels can harbor bacteria if not disposed of properly.
Convenience:  Hand dryers are often more convenient because they do not require the user to find and dispose of a paper towel.
Speed: These hand dryer are 2x faster than other hand dryers. can dry your hands in less than 12 seconds.
Sensor Operated:  These hand dryers start automatically when a human hand comes near the dryer and gets turned off when you remove your hands. This also helps in saving high electricity costs.

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